Friday, March 03, 2006

More Early Years: How Could I Forget?!?!

Okay, so it is a DLR record and as such the lyrics are generally about one subject (except on the cover tunes) and about as sophisticated as a 7th grade boy...or KISS, take your pick.

BUT!!! Steve Vai on guitar and Billy Sheehan on bass...oh my! This was my first exposure to Vai and I was simply blown away. The talking guitar on Yankee Rose, the great fills, solos and doubling with Billy on Shyboy, the awesome groove and solo on Big Trouble...just a guitar tour de force.

This was DLR's first record after leaving Van Halen and he was determined to find a guitarist better than Eddie. Mission accomplished. This record introduced me to Vai and I've been a big fan of his ever since. He's amazing.

Favorite tracks: Yankee Rose, Shyboy, Tobacco Road, Big Trouble


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