Thursday, January 05, 2006

Winter Retreat!

Tomorrow I leave with a bunch of our senior high students for our annual Winter Retreat. My denomination is split into conferences, and the conference I'm a part of (The East Coast Conference) each year plans a Winter Retreat for all senior high students in the conference. I have had the privilege of being part of the worship team for 9 years now. It's a pretty cool thing to lead worship for 500 or so senior high students crammed into the camp meeting hall. The energy is usually pretty high, and it is the one time a year that I get to rock out a bit with some friends. This year we're also including the U2 song, "All Because of You." (It's more of an opening song, not necessarily part of the worship set, though it easily could be.) Fortunately for me, the guitar solo in that song is pretty manageable.

Beyond that, it is often a significant event for many of our students. Last night at our weekly meeting the kids seemed pretty pumped for the event, and well, I am too. Prayers from my two readers would be appreciated. Rock on, yo!


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