Saturday, January 28, 2006

Last of the Early Years

How can you not love Springsteen? I remember arriving at a gym for a game with my CYO team. As we were walking to the locker room we saw a poster of The Boss. One of the guys on my team raised a fist adn pumped it in the air in response to the poster. I don't know, it was kinda cool. We were, what, 11 years old then? 12? I don't remember, but this was a big record and a real good one too.

Favorite tracks: Downbound Train, No Surrender, Glory Days and the title track.

Honorable mention in the early years category: The Stray Cats Built for Speed. Favorite tracks, Rumble in Brighton, Stray Cat Strut.


Blogger Mark D said...

It's nice that he's still around and showin' up the younger crowd at the recent Grammy's ceremony. And Brian Setzer is still alive and kickin' (or should I say swingin') as well.

10:28 PM  

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