Friday, March 03, 2006

The Metal Years

The Metal Years weren't all bad.

1. Steve Vai Passion and WarfareI doubt there has ever been a better rock guitar instrumental record ever recorded. Vai is the master, the complete package. Chops, creativity, crazy good technique- it's all there. A brilliant record, this.

Tracks: For the Love of God, Greasy Kid Stuff, I Would Love To

2. Extreme Pornograffitti

Extreme's second record and a brilliant one at that. By and large the record is a social commentary on our greed and lust. Of course most people know Extreme only for their hit More than Words which was on this record. It's a misunderstood song. Most believe it's a song about a guy wanting sex, but it's not. Gary Cherone, the lead singer of Extreme explained once that it was a comment his girlfriend made to him one time. "I don't need you to say 'I love you' I need you to show me," and thus the song was born.

Nuno Bettencourt, guitarist, is amazing! His writing and playing is awesome on this record. He rocks so hard it's silly.

Favorite tracks: Decadance Dance, Get the Funk Out, When I First Kissed You, Suzie, Hole Hearted

3. Metallica ...And Justice For AllI could just as easily put Master of Puppets here as these were the first two Metallica records I owned.

Favorite Tracks: Blackened, Frayed Ends of Sanity, One


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