Wednesday, April 12, 2006

More Lost And Found

Speedwood I, II and III are apparently being sold in a package deal these days for $25 (plus shipping.) All I can say is, "What a bargain!" Actually, being from Rhode Island, I'll say, "What a bah-gin!" These are among my most favorite Lost And Found CD's, which is to say they are Lost And Found CD's.

Favorite Tracks:

Speedwood I: Where do I begin? I love Way Out, Rachel, The New New Song Song, Alexander, This Time, Since and Church which is the speedwoodified "Church's One Foundation." (Speedwood is the genre...see their website.) How Can You is the song that sealed the deal for me the first time I saw these guys live, "You have seen me even when, I don't want you to and then, somehow you still love me."

Speedwood II: This disc is chock full of absolute gems The Song, My Goodness, Tara, Goodbye/Dreamed/Cost (medley), Aw You, HOLY, Truly New, Hearts, Lost And Found, Ground. A line or two from Ground: "Everybody's got to find out how life is found, you know that some run straight to it, some run around, yeah but, it's all a journey from lost to found and I say do not lose your ground."

Speedwood III: More gems, including some covers: Glory, Amber, Used to Be*, Heaven, Must Be, Opener, Dance, The Lamb and The Hidden Track. Amber: "If folly is the child of power, than truth is the daughter of time, oh and the grapes of wrath grow sour as we grow farther from the Vine."

Songs from these discs that I'll use in worship with the youth group: The Lamb, Cling, HOLY, Since, Dance, The New New Song Song.
*Used to Be is a great song, but not written by Michael and George and it is no longer on Speedwood III. I am fortunate enough to own the earlier version which still has it. (The Lamb, Glory, Heaven, and Weight are also written by other artists.)


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