Saturday, March 25, 2006

Lost And Found

Some years ago I happened onto this little band called Lost And Found. Little, as in independent and only two guys in the band. (Michael plays guitar and George plays piano.) Independent as in not tethered to a major record company located in Nashville or anywhere else. They are, as my sidebar attests, the world's greatest band. Since I've gone through a brief history of my favorite records (there are more, but I got bored) I figured it's time to look at some Lost And Found records.

I could start with some real old-school stuff, like Everlastin' Alright, (which I have on vinyl!) but I won't. I'll start instead with This, which, if I recall correctly, Michael has said is their best-selling record.

This opens with Be Not Afraid, which is the first Lost And Found song I ever heard. I was at an event for youth workers from my denomination and Lost And Found were invited to play for us. A friend of mine said to me before the show, "I think you'll like these guys, but give them at least 10 minutes, ok?" Hmm. Ominous.

So they opened with Be Not Afraid. I think it was about 8 measures or so into the song when I realized, "Oh this awesome!". Hard to describe, sure, but awesome...I thought "Ramones." I turned to my friend Cary and said, "These guys are great!" to which Cary responded, "What are they singing?!??!" A few songs later they played How Can You and I said to Cary, "I think this is my new favorite band." I was right.

Favorite tracks on This:
Be Not Afraid- a brilliant little number about all the folks real (like me) and parabolic(?) who screwed Jesus over and His response to them..."Be not afraid...I've come to save and not to damn."

Stand Up and Fight- a little darker. "I'm not ashamed of the gospel, but I've met some people who are. Claiming their anger is God's will, their self-righteousness goes too far."

He's a Friend: "When the doubts that can defeat you cut your soul like the sharpest knife, do you have a friend who will feed you- not with plain food but with life?"

Baby: One of L+F's two most popular songs (along with Lions). "Somebody loves those babies, and somebody loves what we can't see and if somebody told them, maybe, those babies would be free."

Honorable mention: Harken, Cling to the Cross


Blogger Tony Myles said...

Those guys rock! You almost has to see them live first before listening to their CDs (or you just won't get it).

Stein Auf!

11:04 PM  

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