Monday, February 04, 2008

That Old, Familiar Feeling

It seems as though things have changed here in New England. Or, perhaps, things have gone back to normal. Dark, dreary, and cold with pessimism in the air. The last four - seven years, real? An illusion? It's Red Sox 2003 all over again...not to mention '86 or '79. It's the Bruins 1973 and following. It's the Patriots pre-2001.

I'm usually of the opinion that sports fans who have been spoiled can't complain when the shoe's on the other foot. And, you know, I still feel that way...sort of. The thing is, though, (and I don't know about you) but I'd trade the other three Super Bowl victories for one last night. I mean, what's the point of going undefeated if you aren't going to win the championship?

Yeah, that old familiar feeling is back and it's not a good one.


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