Monday, December 31, 2007

Best of 2007

Okay, so here it is, my favorite books read in 2007 (in no particular order):

Sex God- Rob Bell
Another great book from Bell and another in which the content won't be unfamiliar if you listen to him preach regularly. A great book for anyone, and one I suspect could be especially helpful for a couple considering marriage.

A Community Called Atonement- Scot McKnight
A very accessible and moving account of all that Christ has done for us.

The Beatles: The Biography- Bob Spitz
A huge volume, some 900 pages, that I absolutely devoured. I now understand why Beatles fans tend to not like Yoko. (And it has nothing to do with her singing, though that's reason enough, I suppose.)

23 Days in July- John Wilcockson
My new found love for cycling led me to this one about the 2004 Tour de France in which Lance Armstrong won a record setting 6th Tour.

Real Sex: The Naked Truth about Chastity - Lauren Winner
A frank and honest look at the topic at hand.

10 Points- Bill Strickland
I mentioned this one in this post. A fascinating, if not always fun or easy, read. (By not easy I mean he deals with some issues that are hard to read about.)

Everything Must Change- Brian McLaren
Well, as you know by now, I like Brian a lot. His latest book is compelling, though it leaves you wondering if it's really possible to do even half of what he suggests. A good read and one that will challenge you.

Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mt. Everest Disaster- Jon Krakauer
I started watching Everest: Beyond the Limit on the Discovery channel and decided to read a book about Everest too. This is the first one I read...hard to put down and really hard to imagine.

Selected Stories- Andre Dubus
I love Andre Dubus and especially his short stories. This collection includes my favorite Dubus short story, A Father's Story.

Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters- Meg Meeker
Simply a must read for any dad with a daughter.

Honorable Mention:
Never Give Up
- Tedy Bruschi with Michael Holley
This is not the best Patriots book I've read (that would probably be Holley's Patriot Reign or Halberstam's The Education of a Coach) but it is a good read. Tedy Bruschi comes off as a sincere, humble and level headed guy. The book recounts his upbringing and his suffering and recovery from a stroke.


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