Saturday, July 15, 2006

Supersize Yourself.

So I finally saw Supersize Me. I'll say this, it was compelling to watch, but the overall premise of the movie seemed a little silly. It's not really a secret that fast food isn't good for you, is it? Some in the film argued that not enough people know this and that people need to be better educated, especially poor people. Really? Do poor or under-privileged people really not know that this food isn't good for them? I'm seriously wondering. I don't know, it seems to me that most folks know eating McDonald's isn't good for you...and eating there every meal every day is a bad idea too.

What was more eye opening than the "McDonald's is bad for you" angle, was the look at school cafeterias. The cafeteria he visited was pretty much a fast food restaurant. . It was contrasted with a school for at risk youth which focuses on healthier, non-processed, fresh cooked food. The teachers claim to notice a difference in behavior...less sugar and less caffeine.

One of the DVD features was an interview with Eric Schlosser, author of the book, Fast Food Nation. He got into the way fast food comes to be, the way the animals are raised and so on. I can't help but think that the movie would have been more effective if this angle had been included in the actual movie.


Blogger JayAreJr said...

I don't know for sure, but it seems to me that the poor eat most poorly. The food stamp population that I have observed for many years often choose what tastes good rather than what is good. There is also a question of ease and convience. It is much easier to eat a pack of chips than to fix a baked potato. The chips are easy and quick but the baked would be better for you. Is it a question of knowledge? or a question of quick gratification? I vote for the convience end of the question. Knowledge connected to actual action, you know, your real behavior, don't always follow

9:28 PM  
Blogger Brian said...

Well, it is much more expensive to eat healthy, that's for sure.

Interesting thoughts, Jay.

10:23 AM  

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