Sunday, November 20, 2005

Giving Thanks For Pet Peeves

At a hockey message board that I visit now and then a thread was started asking folks to share their hockey pet peeves. It got me thinking about pet peeves in general and so here are a few.

Hockey Pet Peeves (Watching)

-People who scream “SHOOT” any time a player has the puck in the offensive zone.

-Icing. I know sometimes you just have to do it, but it kills the flow of the game.

-Referees who make “even up” calls. You know, one team has had 3 powerplays in a row, so you know the other team will get the next call. Just call the game.

-Matthew Barnaby…’nuff said.


-Teammates who won’t back check. You can always find them waiting for the breakout pass though.

-Guys who hold your stick.

Other Pet Peeves:

-Stupid commercials, especially on the radio.*

-Overcooked steak- “medium- rare” does not mean “medium- well.”

When I thought about the last one I had another thought that quickly followed: “Wow, how bad is my life?” If you think about it, pet peeves are pretty luxurious, aren’t they? There are people around the world who aren’t sure how they will eat today and I can’t stand it when my steak is overcooked or when an opponent holds my stick during my recreational activities. I have much to be thankful for, even pet peeves.


*My current favorite is from "Home Genius". They're a company who installs wiring, stereo components etc. in homes. In their commercial they have two friends talking and one says, "I want a way to listend to my CD's while my life listens to the radio." His friend, the "Home Genius" shill, responds, "What you need is a multi-source system."
Friend one responds in a confused tone, "Multi-WHO?"
Uh, that would be "source". One syllable. Genius? No.


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Why do the Bruins suck?

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