Wednesday, November 09, 2005

One more? Please?

While I plan on getting a worship team of youth back together for our youth gatherings each week, I have, in the meantime, returned to leading our musical worship with the trusty acoustic. When I was about to do our last song I happened to look at my watch and noticed we were 5 minutes past our end time and told everyone that we had to close. A young man looked at me and said, "No! One more? Please?" How could I say no? Of course, I want to honor their parents who may be waiting as well, so I tried to do both. I closed and prayer and said for those who don't have rides waiting and can stay, we'll do one more song. Anyway, it's just really nice to know that at least one student was connecting with God and felt the need to continue. I trust there were others as well.


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