Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Life For now

Scot Mcknight writes the following here:

Instead, I am suggesting that the language and rhetoric of the Final State is a clue to what life in this world is supposed to be like. Some, of course, might even deconstruct the language of Eternity as warrant for life in this world. I would not follow them “all the way down” (as Rorty would say), but I would say this: the vision of Eternity is not for the sake of curiosity but for the sake of transformation in this world.

Brian McLaren hints at similarar idea in The Story We Find Ourselves In. How well am I preparing for eternity? Am I, as Rob Bell would say, "making earth more like heaven"? I am prone to selfishness, I know that. I am hoping that a vision of eternity would not prompt me to be more selfish, but instead would prompt transformation.


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