Saturday, October 08, 2005

Jesus Creed

I'm reading Scot McKnight's The Jesus Creed these days. I'm not very far into it yet, but so I already like it. I'm hoping to write a few blogs about it in the coming days.

Check out Bonnie's thoughts on being relevant.

In the comments section she posts an interesting theory about goatees. She says in most cases a guy with a goatee is either a Christian or in IT. Is she on to something? It got me thinking about my goatee history. Being the fashion conscious guy that I am, the goat came about, of course, in a well planned out, carefully orchestrated way....that is to say, it was completely by accident. Or boredom.

It was 1993. The Bruins had just be eliminated from the playoffs by the Buffalo Sabres. (Was Moginly still with the Sabres then?) Anyway, I hadn't shaved in a week or so, and set about trimming before actually shaving. My electric trimmer was a piece of garbage and it hurt like crazy, so I decided to leave the goat since that would be less to shave. I figured Katie would hate it, but she liked it a lot. You remember that line in Pulp Fiction, "My girlfriend is a vegetarian, which, pretty much makes me a vegetarian too."? It was like that, my girlfriend liked my goat, which pretty much meant I liked it too.

I shaved it off a year later. I promptly grew it back, deciding to never do that again....shave it that is.


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