Monday, October 03, 2005

Down Time?

I’ve been working on an M.Div for 10 years or so now. Yes, that’s a long time to finish a 4 year program, but I did take more than a few semesters off. On the one hand, I wish I had just gutted it out and finished the degree a few years ago, but on the other, I really appreciated the room I have given myself to focus on my studies and not neglect my job or my family and still have some down time, which is the topic for today’s little blog.

Last semester for my spiritual formation class, I focused on silence and solitude. Being the hard rockin’ guy that I am, (or perhaps just a little ADD) this is not easy for me. I have a difficult time being quiet, being alone, and engaging in practices like centering prayer. As difficult as these practices are for me, I find that they are necessary. Now you may feel that “necessary” is not the right word, after all, if I don’t do it all that often, how necessary can it be? Further, you could point out that after my class obligations of silence and solitude were fulfilled, my silence and solitude time became increasingly irregular and sporadic. You really could argue that it isn’t necessary. Make the argument if you want, but I will disagree.

I can go a long time without food, but eventually, if I don’t eat, I’ll die. This is true of all humans. Better still is to have a healthy, steady diet. Silence, solitude, and listening for the voice of God- unfortunately I can go a long time without these as well, but it will kill me eventually. Better still is a steady diet of each. I thought of that this weekend when I sat down to work on some blog ideas that I have and I just couldn’t do it. Too much noise in the brain and I again became aware of my oft-neglected need to slow down, to be still and know that He is God. That kind of down time has a strange way of lifting me up.


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