Thursday, September 15, 2005

I Got a New Job!

A week ago today I got a new job. Well, not really. I had a different job for a night. I went up to visit my sister, her husband and my niece and spend the night. In the morning I was going to visit the Bruins rookie camp at their training facility. My sister mentioned that she would probably be working that evening at the restaurant that her husband owns. They live above the resturaunt, in an apartment, I told her to take the night off and put me to work. She agreed (pretty quickly!) and I became the “bar back,” which I think is a real restaurant job.

The restaurant had been closed for some time after a fire in the basement and had reopened for only a couple of days. The Patriots season opened that night, so it was a festive atmosphere with Pat’s fans excited to watch the game and regular patrons excited to be back and to see the renovations.

I had a blast. I suppose it was easy to enjoy since I knew it was a one night only thing, but still, it was great. I brought food out to the bartender when it was ready, bussed the dirty dishes, restocked beer in the refrigerator, helped the dishwasher for a little while, chatted with regulars, and even scored some buffalo wings. (They were great.)


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