Monday, September 12, 2005

Simple Pleasures

I never thought I would enjoy flushing the toilet so much. You see, for a long time, there was a problem with my toilet. Unless you opened the tank and pushed the arm holding the flapper valve down creating a seal with the valve seat, the water in the tank would slowly leak out, causing the toilet to refill every 10 minutes or so. I tried a few different flapper valves, but none worked. (So much for "universal" flapper valves.) Recently, while walking through Home Depot, I happened to see a valve seat replacement and flapper valve package. Though the flapper valve was different from my ball-like valve, I was able to rig the system so the toilet would flush. Long story short: no more opening the tank, pushing the valve (after waiting for the water to properly drain) and replacing the tank. It is a small pleasure, but a pleasure nonetheless. It got me thinking about other simple pleasures I enjoy:

  • Foam soap, especially the kind at TGI Friday's in Seekonk.
  • Freshly washed sheets on the bed
  • The smell of sweaty hockey gloves (really)
  • The smell of a new guitar case
  • Taping a new hockey stick
  • Making my wife laugh
  • Playing softball
  • Depositing a floor hockey ball under the crossbar (hitting the water bottle is even better)
  • When a kid makes a significant spiritual decision or discovery
Then there are several that involve my daughter:
  • Post-bath cuddle time
  • Listening to her laugh
  • The way she says "baseball," which is "boo-ball"
  • The "Dada!," squeal, and quick little footsteps I hear when I come home
  • The way she'll sometimes rub my shoulder when I hold her


Blogger Tony Myles said...

Flushing the toilet rocks.

Except when it looks safe but there's a hidden poopie or something in there from the person before you...

and it starts to rise...

and there's nothing you can do about it...

1:50 PM  

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