Saturday, November 12, 2005

Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson opened his mouth again. I would think that it would be difficult for him to speak with so many feet in his mouth, but he managed once again. Here in New England there is a sports radio station in Boston, WEEI, which plays a feature called The Whiner Line at the end of their afternoon drive show, The Big Show. The Whiner Line is a collection of recorded listener call ins whining. It is often funny and occasionally crass. Anyway, before every Whiner Line the following announcement is made: "The views expressed on the Whiner Line are not necessarily those of The Big Show, its staff or WEEI in general. Don't blame us for what these nit-wits say. Eh, they don’t speak for us."

I want to take out an ad in every major newspaper that says, "The views expressed by Pat Robertson are not necessarily the views of all Christ followers everywhere. Don’t blame us for what this nit-wit says. Eh, he doesn't speak for us."


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