Monday, September 04, 2006

Boston Bruins

Well, I wasn't going to do a Bruins post, but I know Mike would be dissapointed if I didn't.

And actually, Allan Muir of Sports Illustrated does a better job than I could do.

To put it simply, it would have been next to impossible for the Bruins to have a better offseason than they did. It started with the firing of Mike O'Connell. It's hard to see a guy lose a job, but I never had confidence in O'Connell. Coach Mike Sullivan also lost his job, though it is hard to fault the job he did, outside of his failure to call out Thornton prior to the trade.

The Bruins had a good draft, and most fans, myself included, believe that their first round pick, Phil Kessel, will be in the opening day lineup playing on the second line. Speaking of which, the signing of Marc Savard gives them a set-up guy for Glen Murray who looked lost after the Thornton trade. And I haven't even mentioned the Zdeno Chara signin yet. I'm looking forward to seeing my boy Jurcina and how he's improved as well. I hope to get to camp sometime soon and check things out in person. We'll see.

Bottom line, I think this team will be fun to watch and have a legit shot to make some noise in the playoffs.


Blogger Rev. Johnny Agurkis said...

When's the last time you went into a Bruins season with realistic "hope"? Usually we head into it trying to convince ourselves that this will be the year they get their heads together. This team is a sure step in the right direction, especially with the work ethic of the players they've picked up.

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