Wednesday, October 27, 2004

I posted this at Tony Jones's blog in the comments on his BCS blog.

(That sports aren't able to be quantified) I think, is why baseball, and sports in general, can be so fascinating. Read a book like "Moneyball" and you figure anyone with a stat sheet should be able to put a winner together, and sure, stats do help. But then you read an article about the probability of the best team winning and you kind of shake your head. For example, "Keeping Score: Winning Team and Best Team? It's a Flip of the Coin"By Alan Schwarz New York Times October 24, 2004.

How can you quantify the better team? Baseball, with its never ending statistics, seems like the sport most given to being quantified, but the fact is, you still can't do it. The article referenced above sites some attempts that start, in my opinion, with faulty premises, but that doesn't matter. What I'm really saying is perhaps sports resonates with people because there is mystery...and the more our churches embraced that mystery, rather than trying to explain it away, the more the message would resonate with people.


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